offers clients multiple plans to customize their SEO program. To make getting started easy, we also provide on-line proposal and payment processes.

We use a simple and very straightforward 4-Step process.

Click on and complete the below Questionnaire:


Prefer to download, print, and fax or email back?

End-User Questionanaire MS Word  

End-User Quesiontionaire PDF File  

  Questionnaire Analysis and Review:
Next, you will be contacted by email or telephone, depending upon answers provided, to restate the goal of your business/website, to clarify the best words describing your business/website, and to receive our SEO implementation strategies and pricing proposal.

Our standard SEO plans include multiple keyword indexing, cross-link marketing, and quarterly reports. Services Plans are for 1-year and include as required “tweaking” in first 90 days. Depending on information submitted.

Upon completion of this step we will email our proposed SEO Services Plans and options to you, along with confirmation. 

  Order your SEO Services and Payment Plan: Select your services and payment plan, endorse your received proposal, and return to us via email or fax. We will contact you upon receipt of your mailing.

 Implementation of SEO Strategy:
Upon your confirmation of Step 3, we will begin implementation of our SEO strategy. Our goal is to increase your search engine presence to top page within 90 days.




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